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Purpose: What ENTEK is All About

Create value through product and manufacturing innovation. We have a passion for making things and a drive to improve every day.

Mission: What ENTEK Wants to Achieve

Working together and moving the World ahead with ENTEK products in Vehicles, Devices, Homes, and New Markets. Working together means harnessing the talents of ENTEK’s three divisions and joining our customers to make great products together. Our vision isn’t limited by geography: we stand ready to serve customers anywhere on the globe. Our current focus is on energy storage for vehicles, hand-held consumer electronics, membranes used in clothing, and extrusion systems used to manufacture the materials that go into a myriad of consumer products. ENTEK maintains an active research and development effort to develop new products and markets. We will enter new markets where we can make a positive difference for our customers.

Core Values

Be honest and honor every person and organization we interact with.
Take initiative, display a “can do” attitude, work together to reach a common goal and celebrate victories.
Stand behind what we say and act accordingly.
Create new opportunities and relentlessly improve.
Every ENTEK employee has signed a copy of our core values. Staying true to our core values is the most important thing we can do to insure our long-term success and the long-term success of our customers