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This morning as you reset the alarm on your cell phone, brushed your teeth with your battery-powered toothbrush, popped in a microwaveable breakfast and then started your car, you were likely using something with an ENTEK product inside.  ENTEK has been in business for 30 years making machined parts, complex machinery, and components for automobile and mobile device batteries.  We employ 500 talented people – including machinists, fabricators, assemblers, machine operators and engineers – in the US and UK to make products that sell world-wide.

ENTEK has clean, well-organized and climate-controlled facilities with Mori Seiki and other specialized CNC machine tools.  We seek both highly experienced and newly-trained machinists to join the ENTEK team.


Here at ENTEK you will find a work environment based on mutual respect and teamwork.  All of our employees have a voice in job-planning, training and continuous improvement activities.  You will be challenged to learn and improve every day and to help your co-workers to do the same.


ENTEK is committed to helping our customers succeed by providing them with world-class service, equipment and parts.

We’re also committed to our employees, their families and our local community.  That’s why we offer a generous retirement savings plan; medical coverage for employees and their families; financial support for continuing education; short and long-term disability insurance; and medical and family leaves.

ENTEK PersonnelENTEK supports our community with company and employee-led giving programs.  We give generous support to the Boys and Girls Club; our employees run a ‘Coats for Kids’ program working with local schools;  we provide Thanksgiving dinners for local families needing a helping hand; and other sponsorships and donations.  ENTEK encourages its employees to be involved with the local community by offering 10 hours of paid time-off every year for participation in qualified community service projects.


ENTEK manufactures high tolerance parts using high-wear and high corrosion-resistant tool steels.  We machine parts that most shops don’t want to touch and we’re really good at it – our customers have given us lots of orders and we need to increase our full-time staff.

We are a leader in the North American extrusion market and continue to develop new, better products for our customers.  ENTEK embraces the philosophy of continuous improvement; all ENTEK employees receive training in Lean manufacturing principles and participate in short- and long-term continuous improvement activities.


ENTEK has one set of rules for all employees and those rules are applied consistently to everybody, every day.   We value honesty, fairness and the willingness to always keep learning.

You will also find one of the safest shop working environments anywhere.  ENTEK has an outstanding safety record and we strive to be even better tomorrow.  ENTEK wants to challenge our employees, help them grow professionally and send them home safe to their families every day.

Check out the careers at ENTEK and start something great in your life.  We look forward to meeting you.


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