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Turnkey Support

MacDermid Printing Solutions
Atlanta, GA

MacDermid Printing Solutions is a global leader in the production of photopolymer products like packaging, publication and coating plates that can be used for printing on paper, film, newsprint or corrugated material.  They are widely regarded as one of the top producers of printing plates in the industry because of their superior quality and innovative company mentality.


When MacDermid decided to expand capacity at its Morristown, TN plant in 2012 for the production of flexible packaging printing plates, company officials went looking for twin-screw extruder suppliers.


ENTEK provided equipment and turnkey support to help integrate the equipment into the rest of the MacDermid production line being developed.  In addition to a twin-screw extruder, the production line included a tank farm, a calender, a cooling tunnel, vision system, laser marking machines, and UV lighting/ treatment.  ENTEK integrated all of these into a single control system, creating custom screens for control of all line operations.


MacDermid’s new production line started up right on schedule with ENTEK personnel on hand to provide processing knowledge and assistance.

“We love the fact that they offered so much more than just the extruder.  We saw true turnkey service and support from them, and it helped make our installation a real success story.”