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Natural Fiber Composites

Advanced Plastic Recycling
Adelaide, Australia

Located in Adelaide, South Australia, Advanced Plastic Recycling (APR) began operations in 1992 and for several years worked to process waste materials into usable products with single screw extruders. Two APR employees made the long trip from Adelaide to ENTEK’s headquarters in Lebanon, Oregon to run trials to see what was possible.


Produce natural fiber composites using 100% recycled materials – primarily wood fiber and polyethylene – in a variety of shapes, sizes, and formulations for the Australian market.


APR purchased an ENTEK 53mm twin-screw extruder and began producing numerous wood-plastic composite (WPC) products. Ryan Lokan stressed ENTEK’s outstanding customer service and support as the company’s biggest attribute. “Linda Campbell, Dean Elliott, and Hwa Beng Tay have all been great and have helped us through some serious processing challenges,” he said.

“When you use only 100% post-consumer plastic waste along with wood waste products, you need more than just a good machine; you need good support from your supplier. ENTEK has provided that and more, and is a great business partner.”


Marketed under the Evertough® brand name, APR products are used in a variety of applications. “Industrial matting for truck beds and oil rigs; oyster bed pillars; posts for wine vineyards; railway ties; posts for marinas, jetties and piers. These are all products APR currently produces for use in Australia and beyond,” said Lokan.