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High Volume Wood-Plastic Composite Extrusion

New London, NC

fiberon decking

Based in New London, North Carolina, Fiberon is an industry leader in the production of wood-plastic composite decking and railing products. Having worked with Fiberon since 1999, ENTEK is proud to be their twin-screw extruder supplier.


Produce high volumes of wood-plastic composites with high equipment reliability and consistent product quality in a market that had one hundred or more competitors in 2000.


A production line based on the high output and super reliable ENTEK 103m extruder.

“We have partnered with ENTEK from the beginning because they are committed to helping us succeed,” said Doug Mancosh, President of Fiberon.

“From our initial machinery orders in 1998, we have added many ENTEK lines. They are not just a machinery supplier; they have helped us by providing their controls for our material handling equipment, and have also designed and installed auxiliary equipment for our production lines.”


Fiberon has expanded to become one of the top three WPC decking manufacturers in North America. Having worked with Fiber Composites since 1999, ENTEK is proud to be Fiberon’s twin-screw extruder and auxiliary equipment provider.