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Pilot Plant Testing

ENTEK QC3Our state-of-the-art pilot plant offers customers (and prospects) the opportunity to develop their process by running comprehensive trials on-site. In fact, many current ENTEK customers began working with us because of the support they received when they came to our pilot plant to run trials. Along with the associated feeder systems and downstream equipment, our pilot plant boasts the newest and best extruder on the planet (our QC3 43mm) with numerous quick change, quick clean and quality control features built-in. ENTEK provides the engineering expertise and service to work with you to optimize your specific process. Whether you want to test the performance of new material formulations, develop screw profiles, make pellets or extrude profiles, or work on specific downstream requirements, the ENTEK lab is the perfect place to make your trial a success.
  • State-of-the-art pilot plant offers customers the opportunity to run trials to optimize their process
  • Lab equipment includes a 43mm twin-screw extruder, feeder systems and downstream equipment
  • Test material formulations, develop screw profiles, make pellets, extrude profiles, improve downstream operations
  • Experienced ENTEK engineers on-hand to support your entire pilot plant experience
Pilot Plant Services

Pilot Plant Features


  • ENTEK QC3 43mm Extruder (40-52 L/D, 200 hp, 1,200 rpm)

Analytical Equipment

  • Melt flow index tester (MFI), differential scanning calorimeter (DSC),
  • Carver press and optical microscopes
  • Moisture analyzer


  • Brabender® loss-in-weight feeders for powder, pellet, flake and liquids

Auxiliary Equipment

  • Vacuum pumps, vacuum stuffers, side-feeders and melt pumps


  • Pellet, profile and sheet dies

Data Acquisition

  • The latest Allen Bradley CompactLogix™ Ethernet processor
  • Computer based HMI including Historical Trending, Formula Management, Alarm Tracking, etc.
  • Automated data recording for ease of production tracking

Downstream Processing

  • Hot-face pellet cutter (suitable for natural fiber-filled products)
  • Profile cooling tanks
  • Scheer-Bay strand pelletizer and water bath
  • Gala underwater pelletizer
  • Conair™ travelling saw