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Products Overview

QC3 43mm Extruder
  • Designed with Customer Input to Provide What Compounders Need and Want:
  • Quick Change, Quick Clean, and Quality Control
  • Quick Change: Allows for fast, easy screw-set changeovers. New self-alignment feature takes the worry out of installing the screws into couplings, and new design allows screws to only be installed one way – the correct way. Guards come off quickly, and go back on the same way. All necessary tools for changeover and maintenance are mounted at point-of-use on the extruder.
  • Quick Clean: New extruder frame design deflects dust and keeps machine clean under the hood, and Stainless Steel and powder-coated surfaces look great today and 10 years from now. Optional device allows for fast, easy barrel cleaning.
  • Quality Control: All QC3™ twin-screw extruders are engineered and built at ENTEK’s headquarters in Lebanon, Oregon U.S.A. Top-quality components manufactured here in our shop give years of top-quality performance.
  • Better Compounding: Increased production rates (33% higher output shaft torque) with 200HP/1,200rpm motor and increased screw OD/ID for compounding the most challenging formulations.
  • Ease of Use: SMART controls feature enhanced graphics, recipe library, trending software, and web-based connectivity for remote troubleshooting.
ENTEK Extruders Division

Complete Extrusion Systems

ENTEK provides complete extrusion solutions, taking responsibility for the entire production line. In addition to providing twin-screw extruders, ENTEK can also design, deliver and install your entire extrusion system, from raw materials in to finished products out.

Manufacturing Plants

ENTEK provides complete, turnkey engineering support to develop and operate highly efficient plants for a wide variety of processes and materials. Our highly-trained engineering department can assist with every stage of site selection, plant design, and construction.

Over 30 years ago, ENTEK began as a turnkey manufacturing plant in Lebanon, Oregon, producing highly-filled sheet for the automotive battery market.

Training Services

A combination of classroom setting and hands-on practice will ensure your operator, supervisor or engineer receives answers to their questions while not interrupting plant production.  Training can be conducted at the ENTEK Pilot Plant or at your Plant and can be customized to match your process.

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Health and Wellness Checks

ENTEK offers a variety of health and wellness inspections to keep your investment healthy.  We currently offer general  mechanical wellness checks, critical mechanical health checks and customized checks as requested.

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