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Battery Integration

Separator manufacturers produce master rolls that must be subsequently slit to the width required for a particular battery design. Typically, slit rolls are supplied on plastic cores in lengths that range from 1000 -2000 meters. After delivery to the lithium battery manufacturer, separator rolls are loaded onto an un-winding station along with individual rolls of cathode and anode. Two separator rolls are required so that the separator is interspersed between the anode and cathode while all 4 layers are wound around a pin to form a “jellyroll”. The “jellyroll” is then removed from the pin and transported down the production line for further inspection followed by filling with electrolyte. The electrolyte-filled battery then undergoes an electrochemical formation step prior to final inspection and shipment. A schematic diagram of a lithium-ion battery is shown in Figure 2.

LiIon battery schematic
Figure 2. Schematic drawing of a lithium-ion battery showing the separator and electrode arrangement.